Your Image is our priority. We carefully craft uniforms to make a statement about your business.

First impressions last they say which is why we want your staff to look professional, smart and easily identifiable whether in your organisation or when they are outside and with your customers. We know that a uniform has to be functional, durable and conform to any technical standards required.

Getting to know you

From our first meeting we want to understand your market, type of customers and the new image you want your staff to adorn. We will pitch themes and concepts of what can be achieved within various budgets so that you have all the facts to make an informed decision. We will evaluate the number of employees in the various departments to create a range of uniforms that blend throughout the organisation.


After our initial brief meeting and market research, our designers will set about creating your new uniform ranges and try to best match their decisions with your corporate identity. This stage includes the creation of concept artwork and designs which help us and you to visualise the way your uniform will look when in use. By creating several options for you we can ensure that you get a great range of choices to further explore and will end up with the uniform the best fits your business. We will continue to work with you during this stage and constantly refine our ideas based on your feedback.


When you are happy with the design or range we have constructed for you we will begin to work on an implementation plan and timeframe for delivery of stock. As part of this, many of our clients like to implement wearer trials in order to gauge employee feedback and capture real-world information on the performance of the uniforms. We help manage these trials and have reps who will visit the business on a regular occasion and help to gather feedback which is then given to the designers. Any bespoke uniforms parts that have been designed for your business will be placed in trial production in order to assess the feasibility of full scale manufacturing and to iron out any difficulties and ensure that maximum quality is achieved before any larger runs are produced.


The final stage of our uniform design service is to finalise plans, timeframes and range selections before ultimately implementing your new workwear range business wide. This will be the completed product, designed to perfectly compliment your business activities and entirely matching your corporate identity. As part of the final contract you may also want to take advantage of dedicated stock holding or our ongoing laundry services to ensure that your uniforms are always well maintained, cleaned and available to your employees.

Bespoke Uniform Design

As we are capable of large scale uniform manufacturing, Work Wear Apparel can create bespoke uniforms that are designed from scratch in order to offer your business a unique and individual uniform range. This means that you are not restricted to choosing existing off the shelf products and can allow for excellent creative ideas to be executed in the creation of your uniform range. Our bespoke design is separate to simply adding printed logos or embroidery to existing products because we create a range that helps make your brand stand out from the crowd and is perfectly tailored to your business’s needs.

Stock Uniform Design

Due to the higher costs that are involved in the creation of bespoke uniforms and the time involved in setting up the manufacturing processes, we also offer a service where we create your businesses uniform from a fusion of existing products. This service leaves your business with an off the shelf solution that is still unique in its construction and will ensure that the same brand message is carried across the various roles your business may have uniforms for. Whether this is simply in constructing a uniform around a certain style or colour palette, you can be sure to be left with an excellent uniform range that will delight your employees and customers